Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Chinchilla Recommended Sites for UK

I am on various chinchilla forums and chin safe sites are always being requested for, these were passed onto me and I pass these on to you. **** - Fuzzbutts - soft furnishings including designs unique to the site, currently being transferred to a new site, adore this site and my chins adore all the products. **** - Hammocky Hammocks - soft furnishings, hammocks, beds etc. **** - Chinchillas2Shop - treats, wood chews, loads and loads of things to stock up to give your chins. Site is marked for what isnt suitable for Degus or chins. **** - Shelfridges - excellent for chin safe shelves to add more platforms to your cages and the seller of the Flying Saucer, metal safe exercise wheel especially designed for chins (ensuring they can't eat plastic or hurt their backs) **** - Charnwoods - sells good wholesome chinchilla food, I buy the bulk and delivery is swift. **** - The Hay Experts - sells hay, treats, etc. I adore getting hay from them, there is such variety and my chins love the mixes. Again super quick delivery. **** - John Hopewell Cages - chin cages need to be made all metal and ensure no plastic and safe drops of no more than 18 inches. John Hopewell Cages offer immense range of different chin safe cages for various numbers of chins and can also make to specific requirements. I havent had a cage from him but can wholeheartedly recommend based of loads of responses of other chin owners. His cages are adaptable with add ons that can make life easier. This list is not exhaustive but certainly can help chin owners everywhere who need sources and perhaps need them online.

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