Wednesday, 22 May 2013

New Day new chin introduction

Today was Eva and Munchkins turn to see how they got on, the Leeloo interaction happened over the weekend and we have had a good number of days between. This tryout again wanted to keep brief and will be honest much more on tender hooks as these would be two dominant personalities and unsure how Eva would react after the nose incident. Both times hubby was present as two hands and pairs of eyes are better than one and his instincts are usually spot on. Again we sat side by side sofa, let them near each other no real interest at that time but no lunges either (both can tend to be panickers when being held). So this time decided to place the dust baths different area of the room and further apart and we released them. There was no immediate reaction though I held my breath when Eva dove in next to Munchkin (as used to dusting with another chin), Munchkin was startled but moved to a different one. We kept it short again wanting to end on relatively positive note. During that time, there were head on meetings and there was a surprising development, they both have a dominant streak and both at different times bristled and reared but Eva definitely seemed to come out more dominant. Again think we will leave a couple of days and try the pairings again with a view if it continues to go ok of putting all 3 in the same room down the line. The behaviour so far includes bristle, like an almost lunge but this appears more of a rush of prescence, bit of tail pulling and rearing.

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