Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Starting the Nitty Gritty

So we decided to try Munchkin with a heavily supervised playroom session but with only one of my other chins to make it more controllable and see what behaviour went on. I chose Leeloo as she is such a docile podgey baby and my expectations would be if there were any disagreeances they wouldnt be her end. We prepared with towels to separate easily if it came to it without fear of being bitten or grabbing too hard. I kept the space quite wide with plenty of things to interact with and two sandbaths as Leeloo hogs a bath normally and did not want conflict over one bath to begin with. I kept the baths close but some space just in case. No photos for this as we had to concentrate on the chins in hand. My husband held Leeloo and myself Munchkin as more used to handling them and prepared to act quicker. We sat on the sofa next to each other and allowed them to see and sniff from a good distance in case of lunges. Nothing untoward happened and interested sniffs. So we then set them on the floor apart and watched carefully. The session was short only about 15 mins and there was a bit of rushing behaviour from Munchkin when Leeloo got to close but no teeth or fur pulling. She did hold Leeloos tail at one point but soon let go with a warning from me. Leeloo spent most of her time in the bath (such a hog!!) and we decided to return them to their cages on a positive note with a treat (dont worry Eva got a run and treat separate too ;)) This was couple of days ago, will allow them to settle again and then we shall try Eva on this basis also, she is more Munchkins age and more determined, an absolute softie with Leeloo though can see her holding her own if need be and we will be even more vigilant on this introduction. Fingers crossed more meetings will take place with positive events.

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