Friday, 10 May 2013

Introducing my furry monsters

I thought I would start keeping a log of my furry little monsters and share the good and bad times, it may help others out there and I definitely will be learning things! I am still a fairly new chinparent I got my first new chins back July 2012 from a local breeder. It involved a lot of research and having a fun experience of visting the breeders home to have a play with different breeds and sexes. I eventually settled on two girls and waited for the breeder to do the hard work for me of introducing them and ensuring they were compatible. I decided on a chin baby (who wouldnt?) and her auntie, who had recently been taken out of breeding and was missing her kits, her backstory did sell her to me, I am a sucker for animals needing a home. So here is Leeloo: She was about 12 weeks when I got her and a dark grey standard (though told ebony at the time - learnt colours later) She is absolutely docile and podgey and was such a friendly starter chin. She is very good at figuring out how to climb methodically. Her Mum' sister came as companion, Eva: Eva was a lot more nervous when she came to me. She was about 2 years old, another Dark standard. She had had a couple of litters and dearly missed her last batch of kits. She has since come around and is the forever harrassed by little one, she has been known to nip if you hold her too long. My latest addition is Munchkin: More on her in the next entry.

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