Friday, 10 May 2013

Munchkin new arrival rehome to rescue

Well I recently decided to upgrade my two munchies cages to a bigger home and on researching Gumtree found this girlie needing a rehome. The owner kindly popped her round though didnt realise cage included at the time and as the short car journey had not been kind to the little one, needed to let her settle in. Immediately had to remove the dried pot noodles and crackers and a day or two later, I wasnt happy about the her having a solid base and wanted to check her over. To my horror I found things that made me glad we had her. To look at her in the cage she seemed bright and alert though very nervous and resorted to spraying with wee (common in female chins though a new experience to me!). Her ears were very dry and she was scratching, we have been dosing with baby oil as recommended and it has gotten better though dont think it will ever go: Her fur was matted rather heavily, we managed to snip about 10 lumps out as best as we could, though with time/maintenance and dust baths we can hopefully clear these: Lastly she had lost a front toe and the underneath of her back feet were sore. She had been on a solid base with wood shavings and the accessible hay inside a nesting box which when removed was urinated and mould at the base. A lifesaver for those in the UK that was recommended to me is Galen's green cream, it has healed her feet along with clean cage in almost a week! After 3-4 weeks in my care and a lot of urine sprays later (unfortunately having to attend to her feet etc meant a less slow approach) she is coming around.

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