Friday, 10 May 2013

First stages of tricky introductions

My advice to anyone looking to introduce chins is read up and read up some more, join a forum to have that support as each intro will depend on the chins themselves and individual advice needed. Although I am at the beginning stages I have sources to draw on and have a basic understanding to attempt this (hopefully it will be enough). I hope by showing the stages with pictures where can this will help others. Generally introductions will be with two, I am going to have a more difficult time as I have an established pair and attempting to introduce a third. Issues I may come across is the pair ganging up on the newbie, fights, dominant personalities coming out etc. The best advice I have given and to give to you is: 1. Be prepared for it to take weeks if not months as not always instant 2. Be prepared to have a permanent separate home for the new chin in case things dont work out 3. Be prepared to have A LOT of patience ( I do lack this somewhat) So how to start, I have started with the simplest of things, moved the cages into the same room, watched their behaviour and moved the cages closer. Here is a current view: When doing this move closer gradually and also do not put too close in case they try to bite each other's noses or toes! Fortunately for me there has been no squabbling or any bad behaviour witnessed yet. In the meantime, I also swap their toys and also use the same dust bath so they can get each others scent more. I have been advised first signs to go further is if they snuggle near each other in their separate cages, here are some pics of them getting used to each other: Also of Munchkin sleeping near the other two: As the new girl got new toys, decided my two babies needed a treat also which they loved (even though they got a new cage too but shhh) I am going to continue to watch their behaviour, then sit with one chin each on the couch alternating so they can get used to each other more.

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